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Commissioned Works

Auftragsarbeiten Grafikdesign/Layout/Illustration

Illustration for The Green Apple Sea

Digital Band-artwork, 2021

Advenster 2020

Illustration for use in media & print, Advente e.V. Dresden, 2020

Mailbox Postmodern

Commissioned Work for Postmodern, PVC-Foil, 2020

Mailbox Postmodern

Commissioned Work for Postmodern, PVC-Foil, 2020

Shirt-design „Trixie & The Trainwrecks“

Illustration for Merch & Shirtdesign, 2020

EP „lessthanfamiliar“

Illustration (with Hayden Miles), Layout and Screenprint for EP-Record-sleeve, K+F Records, Editon of 200, 2020

Schokoladisiert Euch

Artwork and Screenprint for Schokoladenbar Dresden, 3-color-screenprint, 29,7 x 42 cm, Edition of 20


Posterdesign for Cold Noise Phonia Music Festival 2017

Lady Blue Beard

commissioned Artwork for Bandmerchandise

Kulturjahr Sucht

Illustration for use in Media and Print, Kulturjahr Sucht, 2019

20. Schaubudensommer 2017

Flyer, Poster and Booklet-Layout & Illustration for Schaubudensommer Dresden, 2017

Hemd Germens

commissioned work for Germens-Hemden, Chemnitz. Spraypaint on sewing pattern.

BRN 2019

Logodesign for Bunte Republik Neustadt Dresden 2019

Klebstoff-Magazin No.11

Double-Side at Stickermagazine by stickma.de


Fabricdesign for limited Edition of fabric-diapers by Windelmanufaktur Dresden


Artwork for Edgar-Cards-Birthday-Edition 2017

Pauken & Trompeten

commissioned Artwork and Sticker-/Posterdesign for DJ-Team Pauken & Trompeten


Commissioned Artwork, PVC-foil on Lightbox for Kultopia-Office, Dresden

Drop Out Records

commissioned Sticker-artwork for Drop out Recordstore Dresden


commissioned Artwork for Club-merchandise

Käptn Peng & die Tentakel von Delphi

commissioned Artwork for Bandmerchandise